Nanny ABCs Next Step

Episode 45: Become the WOW with Crystal Gail

February 07, 2022 Danny J Nanny Danny Rosenthal Crystal Gail Clearly Nanny Season 2 Episode 45
Nanny ABCs Next Step
Episode 45: Become the WOW with Crystal Gail
Show Notes

This podcast is sponsored by United Nanny, a Chicago nanny placement agency. Uniting Families with Exception Care; No Exception.

Crystal Gail is a sought-after executive coach, motivational speaker, and owner of Clearly Nanny, empowering a community of leaders and entrepreneurs to release their power within and become the WOW. She has over 15 years of experience working with children, families, and individuals as an agent of support and guidance. With a Master’s in Social Work and years of experience in her field of coaching, she uses personalized strategies designed specifically for her individual client’s needs, addressing everything from work-life balance to life’s larger purpose. She is also a board member of the National Domestic Workers Association where she serves as an advocate for nannies and other domestic workers. Finding a balance between living a fulfilled life focused on passion with purpose is at the heart of Crystal’s work. Growth never stops, so Crystal empowers lifelong achievers.



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