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Episode 43: Get Your Baby Sleep Answers Featuring Andrea De La Torre

November 15, 2021 Danny J Nanny Danny Rosenthal Andrea De La Torre Season 2 Episode 43
Nanny ABCs Next Step
Episode 43: Get Your Baby Sleep Answers Featuring Andrea De La Torre
Show Notes

Andrea is the   least judgmental sleep consultant out there. Her aim is to empower moms and families to follow their gut and to use science, not just to teach sleep training or to judge sleep trainers. She really focuses on parent’s emotional state and from there she figures out how to get what is best for each family. 

Andrea will discuss how she started, how to find what works best for you as a caregiver or parent. How to combine and use science while also following your gut. And we dip into the specifics of baby sleep. 

Andrea Del la Torre, owner and creator of Baby Sleep Answers.  grew up around the world, spent her childhood in Mexico, Brazil and Spain. She dreamt of being a teacher. Grabbing her  BA in English and early education but when she had her first baby she decided to instead start her own business and  help parents with their baby’s sleep. And Baby Sleep Answers has been going strong for almost 5 years. I have 4&2 year old boys and a 6mo baby girl. 



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