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Episode 39: Give It A Go with Maria Culley

September 20, 2021 Danny J Nanny Maria Culley Season 2 Episode 1
Nanny ABCs Next Step
Episode 39: Give It A Go with Maria Culley
Show Notes

Give It A Go with Maria Culley is about taking what you love, your secret sauce, you special something and improve it. Culley shares the critical importance of investing into your self; it starts with what you want to enhance. 

Maria Culley has over 15 years experience working in early years childhood education in the United Kingdom and Internationally. She is a certified Trauma Professional, keen on understanding the adverse childhood experience. Currently, she is studying neuroscience in Early Years and completing her Emotional Coaching UK Practitioner status.  Finally Culley, is the creator of the Neuroscience Nanny Network.  

In our interview you will hear us talk about finding out what you like and pursuing that – getting better at that – and becoming a standout. I believe everyone has something important to share, insights that would help others. That is what this episode is about. Now let’s get started and please stay until the end to get your action steps on how to make this episode immediately applicable to you.

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