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Episode 17: Shannon Parola VIP Childcare Nerd

December 28, 2020 Danny J Nanny Shannon Parola Season 1 Episode 17
Nanny ABCs Next Step
Episode 17: Shannon Parola VIP Childcare Nerd
Show Notes

This is a fast pace conversation with Shannon Parola - who is bubbly, honest, transparent, a firecracker, and a nerd. She is the founder of The Game of Nerds and Mama of her one-year-old, Marvel. She’s been a career nanny, night nurse, and household manager for the past fifteen years in the San Francisco Bay Area. When she isn’t talking childcare, she is talking Game of Nerds, her other baby.  Shannon is a parent, a long time childcare professional helping others in childcare from parents to childcare professionals, on top of that she is a sleep specialist. Parola opened her Childcare Coaching services to support parents navigate the various childcare options available to them. What works for one family might not work for all, so Shannon strives to help families figure out what works to make them the most successful as a whole.


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