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Episode 58: Mirella Alexis The Childcare Advocate

August 08, 2022 Danny J Nanny Danny Joseph Rosenthal Season 2 Episode 58
Nanny ABCs Next Step
Episode 58: Mirella Alexis The Childcare Advocate
Show Notes

Mirella is not just a childcare advocate and doula but she is The Childcare Advocate. 

Her portfolio includes being a professional nanny, early childhood educator, and newborn care specialist. She has obtained her certification in child nutrition, positive discipline, bullying prevention, and human trafficking and child abuse prevention. 

Mirella served as the Vice President of the nonprofit, The Nanny Sitter Education Fund. The first organization of its kind that provided education grants to those furthering their education in the childcare profession. 

She is always excited to bring her passion for childcare to the masses, making child welfare everyone’s responsibility. She also serves as the Director of Operations at Chicago Entertainment Agency. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her husband, family, and friends. She also loves to travel, support the arts, and do charity work. 

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Showing all sides of your personality. Talking about difficult topics. The importance of preventing all forms of child abuse. 


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