Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever

Episode 56: Kellie Geres Nanny of the Universe

May 16, 2022 Kellie Geres Danny J Nanny Danny Joseph Rosenthal Season 2 Episode 56
Be the Best Nanny Boss Ever
Episode 56: Kellie Geres Nanny of the Universe
Show Notes

With over 33 years in private service, Kellie Geres is an industry veteran. If you have not heard of Kellie, you probably aren’t in the nanny industry. Today we are peeling back to discover the knowledge only a few nannies have and get to know the ins and outs of the nanny industry from Geres' eagle eye view. 

Kellie was named the 1997 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year, in 2014 was honored with the Domestic Estate Management Association Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2020 received the INA Meritorious Service Award.

Geres remains active in the industry, assuming several roles including APNA Administrative Assistant. She is a former INA Board Member and INA Conference Coordinator and volunteered with the organization for almost 25 years. In addition, Kellie is the international co-chair for InterNational Nanny Recognition Week (INNRW), co-creator along with Sue Downey of Our Nanny Diary which provides digital downloads and printed communication journals for nannies and families and maintains several industry websites including Regarding Nannies and

Kellie Geres believes that you should never stop learning as a caregiver, and encourages nannies to embrace all the educational opportunities available to them.



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